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Envirodel is your locally owned and operated, environmentally friendly same day courier service. We offer a new way to lower you and your company’s carbon emissions. We only use zero emission, fully electric vehicles to courier all of your important items like paperwork, samples, designs and anything else we can fit in our Nissan Leafs. Started by local entrepreneur Tyler Sholikovski, a Winnipeg husband and father. Tyler started this business to create a better life for his family and the environment.

Because we use only electric vehicles, you and your company will not be effected by fuel surcharges or an increasing carbon tax. Which will help your bottom line. Choosing Envirodel is a great way to support local and help make your business more eco friendly. Take a look at our service types that are tailored to fit your needs.



To offer our customers a friendly and professional courier service while lowering the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in Manitoba. 

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